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  • IGOE Europe: (England, Norway, Sweden and Finland) : May 4-22nd 2018
  • USA : June 16-26th 2018
  • Toronto : September 14-17th 2018
  • Africa: November 15th-December 1st 2018

Interested in any of these trips, please email for more information

1.The Lord says he will bring deliverance unto you that will generate the desired rest of your life.

2.The lord says this will be a year of supernatural and unlimited provision and divine protection. Deut 2:7, 2 Chr 32:23

3. The Lord says He will go before you this year and make all crooked places straight ,break in pieces the gates of brass and cut asunder the bars of iron.Isaiah 45:2-3

4.The Lord says he will lead you in the path of holiness and righteousness,which will enable you to access His blessings ,because without holiness no one will see the Lord.

5.The Lord says you will posses your possessing as he will give you the treasures of darkness.

  • Our Vision

To put Canada on the spiritual map of the world. Forum for training leaders so that they may train others. For the development and enlargement of the body of Christ. Read More

  • Global Vision

The ministry is to extend the IGOE vision to different parts of the world through conferences, seminars, workshops, satellite, church planting, crusades and outreaches and international chapters.Read More

  • Support the Orphanages

IGOE Ministries support in an orphanage in Uganda. Christmas Party held for some of the children at the home of Pastor Ismail.Read More

  • IGOE In the Community

The IGOE is a ministry focused on training and equipping church leaders and Christians in their various ministry callings for effective leadership, church growth, character building and impartation of the powers of the Holy Spirit.Read More