Our Mission is to share wisdom and life experiences with youth(ages 13-18) and young adults from 19 years and above, from all socioeconomic backgrounds, with the purpose of enhancing their self-worth, give them hope and prepare their hearts for continual spiritual growth.

Our Vision is to be a world leader in ministering and mentoring youth, young adults, men and women of all ages. We will earn trust and respect from our participants through continuous improvement driven by the Holy Spirit, integrity, teamwork, and innovation. We will design and deliver all of our programs by attaining state of the art facilities specifically to empower, enrich, and encourage each person’s full potential.

The International Gathering of Eagles ministries IGOEM embarks on aggressive mentoring and outreach programme basically for the youth and children. We have observed that the youth of today lack role models and that is why many have refuse to go to church and those who attempt to have no basic understanding of why they are there. We focus on the word of god. We want to raise eagle belivers not just Christians. Many sing in the choir and are involved iin wrong songs that do not help their soul.

We have developed a pool of role models by the grace of God and we match them on on-one to them. We also do group mentoring by engaging them in sports and games that develop there minds toward God. Our youth outreach programs and services continue to provide sound youth mentoring on priority health risk behaviours that contribute to morbidity and mortality among Richmond’s youth and adults. Outreach development programs IGOEM directly address health issues regarding:

• Tabacco Use
• Alcohol and Drug Use
• Unintended Pregnancies
• STDs
• Obesity
• Use of Weapons Such as Firearms
• Physical Violence

Peer mentoring and peer association groups at IGOEM encourage youth participants to stay involved. Young people are often receptive to information from their peers. We allow youth participants within our agency to be an ambassador of their constructive youth development experience, thus asserting positive peer pressure on their peers and mentoring them in the areas in which they have grown.

This has been a successful form of youth outreach within The Greater Toronto Area and we are exporting it to nations where we are planting churches and holding conferences. Our youth volunteer programs encourage youth members to give back to their community. We also encourage outside youths to volunteer and get involved in the mentoring process within the organization to facilitated organic change.

The mentoring outreach programs we offer encompass solid Christian and biblical principles that will allow the city of Canada to raise-up a generation focused on developing themselves through effective mentoring. Our programs are enriched with youth development that builds up the individual from the inside out.